About us


Our Mission

At PROCARE, we work with ALL AGES, treatments for ALL SPORTS, and provide ALL CARE before and after injuries. This is our triple A service model. We are committed to improving your active life styles through sports chiropractic.

Our Doctors

All doctors are board certified chiropractor with CCSP certification. Our doctors are specialized in the care of musculoskeletal injuries, including prevention, treatment and quick recovery. Our doctors take a multidisciplinary approach to treat our patients and all have an extensive knowledge of sports-related injuries. At PROCARE, you are in the best hands.



What our clients Say

Injuried my right knee during a hockey game after a nasty collision with another player, and I have been on rest for a month by my orthopedic doctor. Itching to get back to the game and not feeling any better, a teammate recommended Dr. Nancy. After initial consultation, I was immediately put on an active rehab program and dramatically improved my recovery time. Within just 2 weeks, I was back on ice and start skating again. Dr. Nancy is a great listener and very knowledgeable about sport injuries. I felt I’m in good hands with her.


Brad K.

Dr. Nancy was the 12th and last doctor I saw about my problem of horrible chronic pain and constant headaches for the last 2 years. I have been to 4 MDs, 1 physical therapist, 2 herbalists and 4 other Chiropractors, not to mention hundreds of dollars spent on massage. Almost all doctors were telling me that my problem is nerve related issue but no one seemed to have a permanent solution for it. I’m tired of hearing “it will get better over time” until I have met Dr. Nancy through a friend’s recommendation. Dr. Nancy is a true healer and my headaches and pain were immediately got better after the visit. She is a blessing in my life.


Mariana B.